Foot Health Advice For Women

Have you noticed that lately your feet are sorer and tender that previously, even though you haven’t really done anything differently?

As we age our muscles and tendons change, you can possibly experience a drop in your arches in your feet. If you are suffering from pain along the bottom of your foot you could be experiencing plantar fascia which is a form of tendonitis and can be very painful in itself.

You will be experiencing terrible pain, especially when you first get out of bed in the morning. As your foot warms up then the pain will slowly go away. Only to return after you have been sitting for an extended period or during the evening when you are resting after your busy day.

There are different ways to deal with the pain and discomfort and different things will be effective for certain people. Many people find that doing calf stretches will help the muscles in your foot, try stretching before you do any major walking or exercise. A good soak can help when you have finished your daily exercise routine. Some people actually experience relief by soaking their feet in cold water with some ice in it.

You will need to experiment to see what works for you and to do this remedy on a regular basis. Once you suffer from plantar fascia, it will always continue to be bothersome to you, so finding a solution will be very beneficial in keeping your feet healthy and pain free.

Other things you can do to keep your feet healthy, is to allow your feet to breathe properly. Wear a good quality pair of shoes with cotton socks and if you choose to wear sandals, again a good quality is imperative. When suffering from chronic foot pain you want to avoid flip-flops as these will tend to hurt your leg tendons more, due to the flipping action as you walk. A good supportive shoe is always recommended when dealing with foot pain.

Soaking your feet in a foot bath and massaging afterwards does wonders for the circulation in your feet. So if you remember to pay special attention to your feet and any discomfort you might feel, the discomfort is a warning before the actual pain comes along! You will then not have to deal with months of pain. Listen to what your feet are telling you!

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